What is cholesterol ?




Cholesterol is an essential element for the life. It is used especially in the construction of our cell membranes.


Cholesterol has 2 origins:

  • 1/3 comes from the diet
  • and 2/3 from the body



The “good” and “bad” cholesterol

Cholesterol is conveyed into the blood by two “carriers”:

“Bad cholesterol” or LDL transports the cholesterol to the cells. If this LDL accumulates on the vessel walls and oxidizes, fatty plaque (atheroma) will gradually reduce the size of the arteries and can cause, on term, a risk of atherosclerosis.

A too high level of LDL is therefore dangerous for the health.

“Good cholesterol” or HDL brings the cholesterol backfrom cells to the liver where it will be eliminated in the bile. HDL is a “beneficial carrier” want it “cleans” the blood vessels.

The higher the HDL level, the greater the benefit to the heart

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