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Health tips

Here are some tips to decrease the risk of cholesterol. We always recommend that you ask the advice of your doctor and your pharmacist. A health check is also recommended to assess your cardiovascular risks.


Adjust your diet

  • Avoid or limit the intake of saturated fats (fried food, meat, butter, cheese …).
  • Use olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats for cooking or seasoning our dishes.
  • Vary your meals. A low cholesterol diet is not necessarily monotones and tasteless. There are foods such as couscous, cereals, fish, … which can be enliven in many ways and form a tasty meal!
  • Cook yourself. Prepared meals form supermarkets are not
    recommended. Prefer lean meats and vegetables rich in fiber: lettuce, broccoli, parsley…
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. These foods contain no cholesterol and are recommended.

Limit your consumption of alcohol

Alcohol has the characteristic to increase the triglyceride. If it’s overharvest, the risk of cardiovascular problems also increases.

Avoid tobacco

Smoking cigarettes is another risk factor for the development of cholesterol. Smoking damages the arterial walls and promotes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques that will progressively block off arteries.

Move more

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and prefer physical exercise such as aerobics, walking, … that are suitable for your daily life and your physical level.
Physical activities decrease the bad cholesterol and burn your calories.

Pay attention to your weight

Control your weight because a person with a body weight higher than 25 (BMI) is heavily exposed to hypercholesterolemia.

Family history

Do not ignore your family history. If members of your family suffer from hypercholesterolemia or have ever suffered from cardiovascular diseases, it is important to ask for regular medical advice.

These are some tips to consider for controlling your cholesterol level. If after a blood test and after the adaptation of your daily habits, your cholesterol has not stabilized, this means that a simple adaptation of your lifestyle is not enough. It is therefore useful to ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Remember that natural solutions are available to help you to control your cholesterol level.

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