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Natural solutions

There are different solutions to control his cholesterol level. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Red yeast rice


Red yeast rice (Monascus purpureus) is a microscopic mushroom that grows on rice.

    Red yeast rice is also sometimes mistakenly called red rice yeast. It is the yeast that contains the red pigment, and therefore the yeast that is red, not the rice. In Asia, red yeast rice is primarily used in food production, but it is also an excellent natural method of reducing cholesterol levels. It has notably been the subject of many scientific studies. Red yeast rice is composed of Monacolin K. EFSA (the European Authority for Food Safety) recommends a daily dose of 10mg of Monacolin K in order to maintain a normal cholesterol level.

Monacoline K, lactone form and hydroxyl-acid form

Monacolin K is composed of a lactone form and a hydroxy-acid form. Both forms operate on the cholesterol production. The lactone form requires an hepatic metabolism to be active; this form can lead to side effects such as muscular pain. The hydroxy-acid form is directly active in the body and does not require an hepatic metabolism. This substance therefore can help to ease muscular pain.  

Polyphenols in olive


Polyphenols are found in olives and have excellent antioxidizing properties that enable them to counteract the oxidation of LDLs, thus preventing artery obstruction.

    Olives primarily contain hydroxytyrosol, which is the most powerful antioxidant found in nature! graph-hydroxytyrosol       ORAC Values* (uM/mg) *Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity  

Olive oil

huile-oliveExtra virgin olive oil is the healthiest type of oil because it is less treated and contains the most hydroxytyrosol. Experts agree that in order to guarantee a cardiovascular protective effect you need to ingest 25mL of highly concentrated olive oil every day.